About Us

The B.C. Council of Film Unions was established on June 6th, 1996. The Council is comprised of the three founding member Unions which are IATSE Local 891, IATSE Local 669 and Teamsters Local Union 155. The Council’s Master Collective Agreement is bargained with Negotiating Producers representatives from The Alliance of Motion Picture Producers Associations (AMPTP) and the Canadian Motion Picture Association (CMPA) and covers Employees who are members of IATSE 891, Teamsters 155 and IATSE 669. The BC Council Agreement provides certainty regarding terms, conditions and rates providing a context of rules that allow us to work with producers and film makers to fulfill the creative visions of film, media and television artists.


Purpose per the Constitution:

    • To secure and maintain industrial peace and promote conditions favourable to the negotiation of collective agreements and the settlement of disputes.
    • To co-ordinate and rationalize the negotiation of collective agreements within the film industry.
    • To assist with the settlement of jurisdictional disputes that may arise between the members of the Council.
    • To enter in to the collective agreements and to obtain certifications for units of employees within the film industry.
    • To act as the exclusive bargaining agent for the units of employees that it represents.